Living at EMATA in the Cocoa Coast – Bahia – Brazil

It is already possible to enjoy the beauty and harmony if the Atlantic Forest presented in EMATA. Near the farm, 100 hectares were made for selling. This part of the land is divided in 10 lots of 10 hectares each, all facing the Rio Vitorino, where you can build a “chácara” (farmhouse) in the midst of lush vegetation.

In addition to the splendor of EMATA – with cultivated areas, rivers, waterways, fauna and flora, the property has ecological trails, waterfalls, walks, rafting on the Rio de Contas and also it is located at one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world, with bromeliads and over a hundred species of birds.


Enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Forest …

EMATA is known in the region for its fauna, native flora and eight pristine springs that contribute to the supply of water to the population of Itacaré, the main touristic town of the region, which is only 11 km away from the farm.

Loteamento EMATA na Costa do Cacau - BA
area da fazenda


Contact the Administrator immediately

51 98339.1116 / 54 99152.2115


Rodovia Aureliano Leal Km 11,  S/N, Complesso Nova Esperança, Zona Rural

ZIP code 45530-000 Itacaré – BA


Differential of the Location ( maybe better to write “major advantages” )

11 km from the famous Itacaré beaches
Fully paved roads with excellent road surface
It’s on the State Road “Rodovia BA 654” that connects Itacaré Taboquinhas and Aurelino Leal
2 Km from the State Road “Rodovia BA 001” for Salvador
Located right in the heart of the Cocoa Coast


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